Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Senior Thesis in Progress (THEORY)

While it has been my major focus and pain, senior thesis has been a great learning and rewording experience. I have had the opportunity to research my topic of interest at greater lengths and depths then ever before. My preoccupation with understanding the influence of technology on modern day culture has finally started to take a discernible shape in my art practice.

To begin, I had to narrow down my research topic. After countless hours of reading and thinking and talking with professors and aimlessly killing time, I have stumbled upon the realization that I am mostly interested in exploring the topic of channeled experiences. In other words, I started to see the connections between the inevitability of the use of the modern day technology in relation to the need for increased and universal ways of communication. Amongst the historical progress, that we are witnessing unfolding faster then ever, lay the undefined relationships of human to human and human to object. They are undefined because they are taken out of their previous context and thrown into a new one--the fast, technologically advanced, globalized, interconnected new world.

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